Stephen & Angela | Orlando & The Send
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Orlando & The Send

We were invited to a gathering of about 80 young leaders in Youth With A Mission (YWAM) and spent almost a week in Orlando in February! Because our organization is so big and widespread throughout the world this gathering was for younger leaders to get to know each other, collaborate, and seek God for what He has for our mission moving forward. It was absolutely incredible! God refreshed us and ministered to us so much. At the end of that smaller gathering, we all joined together in a city wide event called The Send (pictured above). This was a twelve hour event praying, worshiping, and hearing a call to go! Over 58,000 people gathered for the sole purpose of answering the Great Commission and being launched into missions – to their neighborhoods, high schools, universities, and global missions!

It is hard to describe what it is like when God does something new in your heart, but we are so invigorated and encouraged in how we are serving here in the States. It is hard at times to be doing missions here rather than overseas, but we saw so many hearts saying YES to missions – and that is ultimately what we are doing here. God has called us to stir people up for cross-cultural missions and we are so thankful to be able to do that while we teach the Bible. 

Our YWAM Montana crew who went to Orlando!


Our “Prayer and Fasting” day at YWAM Montana

Upon returning to Montana from our time in Orlando, we knew God was wanting to do something new and fresh here in our community as well. While at the small gathering in Orlando, someone gave us a word from the Lord that ‘Revival fire is coming to YWAM Montana.’ Around the same time Stephen also really felt God speak clearly from Matthew 9:38 “Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.” We really believe God is calling us as a community to pray! We as a campus already had a day set aside for Prayer and Fasting a week after we returned. What happened was incredible though. Along with this word to pray earnestly, we as a campus also began to believe for the word that was given in Orlando – that revival fire is coming. People began fasting meals and gathering to pray during that time. Another group spontaneously planned worship nights leading up to our Prayer and Fasting day. Stephen along with another leader facilitated the Thursday we call “Prayer and Fasting,” and God moved so powerfully! Students and staff alike responded with a resounding YES to whatever God was asking them. People are so ready to go, but also so ready to pray for the nations and for more people to be launched into the nations! A missions movement is happening at YWAM Montana and people are being mobilized and empowered to respond to the Great Commission. This is an answer to prayer for us over the past few years! In coming to Montana, we really felt God say we were coming here to stir people up for missions. Now it is beginning to make more sense as we are stepping into leadership and seeing people be so hungry for more of God and also hungry to go and make Him known!

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