Stephen & Angela | Highlights from SBS 2019
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Highlights from SBS 2019

  • Teaching! We were both able to teach 2&3 John and Stephen taught his favorite book – the Gospel of John!
  • We started renting a house (God-story!!) in September and love having it full of students both studying and hanging out!
  • Discipling students and walking through struggles and triumphs with them as they study the Word of God.
  • Stephen leads a staff team of seven (Angel being one) and we have loved seeing God move in their lives as they teach God’s Word alongside us.
  • Orlando, being refreshed and inspired for missions and what God is doing through sending young people to the nations!
  • Both of us feel confident in our new roles (Angel as SBS Administrator and Stephen leading a Session).
  • Stephen being able to be involved in more base-wide leadership and strategically thinking about how we as a ministry can do missions more effectively. 
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