Stephen & Angela | Surgery and Prayer Request
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Surgery and Prayer Request

Hi family and friends, We have a pretty unique situation that we would like to ask you all to pray about. About a month ago one of our girls from Kids Club, little 9 year old Naam Peung, fell off a ledge and broke her arm. When it happened they had a spirit doctor come and try to set it and they wrapped it in weird things they believed would heal it. When we saw her we prayed for her and told the family they should go to the hospital. They said the spirit doctor knew what they were doing and they didn’t want to go to the hospital and said it would be fine. Flash forward two weeks and her arm clearly was not improving and not good! You could clearly see the bend in her arm at the elbow. After talking with the family, they were pretty embarrassed but agreed that they should go to the doctor. This whole situation has opened the opportunity to talk with them about how Jesus is perfect, the idea of karma in the context of Jesus, and the error in the spirit doctor’s practices and belief.


After consulting with four different medical doctors, we finally found a hospital that said they would do the surgery that is needed to fix her arm – because the bone has already grown incorrectly. The issue is that the surgery starting price is ฿70,000 or about $2,070. We as a team really believe we are to go ahead and help with the surgery. We definitely don’t have the money to pay for the surgery, but are believing God to provide the necessary finances to help with the surgery so that as Naam Pueng grows up, she is able to bend and use her arm normally.

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Please take a moment to pray and ask Holy Spirit if He would have you to give towards Naam Pueng’s surgery. If you feel the Lord leading you to do this, please email me at Naam Pueng and her family are with one of our team members at the hospital now and she will go into surgery some time today. Please also pray for her and the surgery, that it would not damage any nerves and her elbow would be completely restored! Thank you all so much for your love and support through prayer and giving. We love you!

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