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Thailand / 04.11.2014

We absolutely love the Loy children we have in our Kids Club every Saturday! We also want to make a point to show their parents and families that they are just as loved as their kids. We aren't able to do as much with the kids’ parents because of the extreme work schedules they all have, so we have been wanting to throw a party or do something special. A few weeks ago we had a DTS team from England working with us. It was refreshing for all of...

Thailand / 30.07.2014

This week we are hosting a medical training here at our team house/base.  Dr. Simon, a British missionary, and his family travelled here from Cambodia. This is so exciting as he is teaching over 20 leaders who can take basic medical knowledge into their villages and help prevent so many sicknesses with simple diagnosis and treatments.  As they do this, they will also be able to share the Gospel with the people they see and help. In addition to the training, we also went into some of the communities and...