Stephen & Angela | A Huge Answer to Prayer – School!
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A Huge Answer to Prayer – School!

Gungfu and Yii went to take their test last Wednesday and found out the results yesterday – they passed! Gungfu’s mom cried when they all went to the school because she was so happy her son didn’t have to go be a monk, but could continue to live with them and go to high school! The boys did great on the exam and were placed in the second classroom (Thailand places you in rooms depending on how well you test).

Keep praying for Gam (the 3rd boy, and Yii’s older brother), we spoke with him a little today and I think he is going to start working instead of going to school. I am not sure of all the details though. We are not as close to Gam because he is too old to come to Kids Club. Gam went to be a monk for only a week – which is customary for many kids during their summer holidays. He hated it, but is glad to be back home and be able to use his cell phone again! :) He kept looking at his shaved eyebrows in his motorbike mirror and touching them (when you go to become a monk, your head and eyebrows are ceremonially shaved). I am thankful he doesn’t have to leave home to be a monk, but we are still going to see if he can continue his education if he is interested.

We had Kids Club today (Saturday morning) and Gungfu was so excited! He kept telling everyone how well he did on his exam and how he is going to school. God is so good! As soon as I heard about their situation, I just had a determined faith that these boys were going to stay with their families and go to school here. Thank you all so much for praying with us! This is such a great Easter blessing.


  • Janis
    Posted at 18:55h, 04 April

    We are jumping for joy with you! You can count on our continued prayers

  • Judy Smith
    Posted at 10:03h, 16 April

    This msg had me laughing, in tears, and praying! God bless the Loy people!
    Love you, Grammy

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