Stephen & Angela | We’re Going to SBS!
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We’re Going to SBS!

If you have read our Summer Update then you know that Angela and I will be attending a School of Biblical Studies (SBS) in Montana starting in September! This was definitely out of left field for us at first, but when we felt God directing us to apply for the school, we prayed and prayed, felt His peace, and know this is the next step He has for us. We will be in Montana from September, 2016 until June, 2017 going through the whole Bible book by book. I increasingly feel like I will be working on translating the Gospel into the Mok language in the future and Angela feels called to teach the Bible in an easy to understand way that is still sound and not lacking. The SBS will equip us both for the individual callings we feel God placing on our hearts.

Because we will be in the States for about 11 months total, what are we going to do with all of our stuff in Thailand?  Well, our teammates and great friends, Nirut and Karen, just got married and have been traveling in the U.S. visiting her family.  They will be back in Thailand the same month we are leaving and are going to rent our house for the time we are away!

Some of you may remember we were given money for a car last year as well.  When we came back to Thailand last November, we had some delays in getting our driver’s licenses renewed, then we started the Discipleship Training School (DTS) in January.  We were traveling from February through June of this year on outreach and because of our schedule that had us out of town for much of the year, we waited on looking for and purchasing a car until after DTS. In the middle of DTS is when we felt God lead us to do the School of Biblical Studies.  We wondered why there was never a peace to begin the car hunt last year and now we know why!  The money given for the car is already in our Thai bank account here, and we will begin looking for a vehicle as soon as we come back from SBS. We are so thankful and amazed at how God has worked out every detail and are excited for this next year of digging deep into His Word.

Ways to be in prayer:

  • While we see this school as a training to further equip us for ministry, we both feel it will also be an invaluable time for our personal walks with the Lord as well.  Please pray that this will be a time of refreshing and drawing ever closer to Him as we go deeper in His Word discovering more of who He is.
  • For the upcoming SBS, the school fees for both of us totals $16,800. This will include all of our training, housing, and food for nine months.  We are so thankful and praise God that $2,200 has already been given towards our school fees, and know that God will provide the remaining amount. Please take a second and pray about whether the Lord would have you to partner with us during this time of Bible training.
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