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Bar Ministry, Thailand / 13.12.2014

Two weeks ago, Stephen’s mom and dad came to visit us here in Thailand!  My beautiful mother-in-law, Krystal, was able to come on bar outreach with Julie, Aum and myself.  I was so glad she could experience this ministry and this part of my life here in Thailand.  This is what I am most passionate about here, but it is often quite difficult to describe the situation of the women and the desperate need for the Kingdom of light to come to the bars.  I asked Krystal if...

Bar Ministry, Thailand / 13.11.2014

In the end of September, I had coffee with Brandon, a friend and leader, and he asked me if there was anything I wanted to be involved with that I wasn’t yet doing.  I thought back to my initial visit to Thailand and my first experience going on outreach in the red light district of Bangkok.  I thought of the women in the bars and brothels, each with her own story, her own dreams and aspirations.  This is what I wanted to be involved with.  I shared with...