Stephen & Angela | Bangkok in July!
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Bangkok in July!

“Let’s all go to Thailand!” was my initial pitch to our SBS team of 23. I (Stephen) wrote up a proposal weighing the costs and benefits to our program and pitched it during one of our planning times back in March.

We had been talking about Missions a lot but when you work with a 9 month Bible School the opportunities to go and do outreach can feel limited. God was stirring up a desire in us to not just equip our students but to go ourselves! This trip seemed like a great stepping stone to see our staff be launched long term into missions!

We spent two weeks in Bangkok teaching, equipping, and encouraging other leaders in SBS programs throughout Asia.

Ten other SBS programs from 8 nations joined us in Thailand for training and equipping! These leaders were rejuvenated and empowered to teach, train, equip, and encourage the students who are enrolling in their schools in some of the hardest to reach places in Asia.

It was also incredible to see the passion and zeal that these brothers and sisters in Asia have for God and His Word. We returned with as much encouragement as we poured out. 

We also brought in guest speakers from Southeast Asia to speak on “Pioneering” and encourage our guests and us that the need is still so great! After this trip, the majority of our staff are so eager to be launched into overseas missions longterm! This is an answer to prayer for us and exactly why we wanted to go on this trip. The harvest is ready. We have to go!

Thank you to all who helped make this unexpected trip a reality! It was a huge success in equipping Bible teachers in Asia and giving our team a bigger heart for the nations!

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