Stephen & Angela | 2015 & Ewalts in Asia!
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2015 & Ewalts in Asia!

It has been WAY too long since our last blog post. Hopefully you received our Winter Update though. Let us know if you didn’t get it and we’ll be sure to send it to you!

We hit the ground running in 2015 and haven’t stopped! January I went to Myanmar and then to a 2 week conference with YWAM. It was so encouraging to hear from YWAM’s founders about the DNA of our mission. I was reminded about the importance of hearing God’s voice and then obeying what He says. Brandon says that a lot of learning is just remembering what we already know. Of course I know that I should practice listening to God’s voice, but how quickly I forgot that prayer is a two way street and that Holy Spirit speaks with me too! If I dwell on that thought too much I think I would explode in humbled amazement! The Creator speaks to me!

We also had the best treat ever in February! Heather (my sister), Ryan, and Ella (our 1.5 year old niece) visited us for 2 weeks!! We loved having them here and showing them a small taste of our lives. We also used the opportunity to try some new things as well. :) It was such a treat for Angela and I to get to spend so much quality time with Ella while she is this age. She is so much fun! We finally were able to squeeze her and not just wave through video chat! There is nothing in this world like family and it is without a doubt the most difficult part of living on the other side of the world. There is absolutely nothing like obeying God and being right in the center of His will though! :)

Now I will unashamedly post a ton of cute pictures of Ella for you to be jealous that your niece isn’t this cute! 6 more months until we can squeeze her again! :) Pray for us! Haha


Ewalts 5

We visited the royal gardens

Ewalts 4

Practicing Thai by reading the Thai Bible to Ella. She LOVED it!








Ewalts 7

The 5 of us at the gardens



Ewalts 6

Our town is the northest point of Thailand





Ewalts 8

Ella watching her mom and dad ride an Elephant

Ewalts 10

Ella napped like this throughout the whole Royal Palace in BKK

Ewalts 9

She loves to make Elephant sounds, but wasn’t so sure about the actual elephants!


Ewalts 2

Ella Loved seeing Monkeys!

Ewalts 1

They made the 24+ hour trip with a 15 month old!


Ewalts 3

Ryan, Ella, and Heather outside our friends’ village


  • Alyssa Land
    Posted at 07:22h, 05 March

    Oh my word. That’s not even enough pictures. Haha! I could look at that cutie for days. Love you guys! Let’s skype soon!